Friday, July 25, 2008

February Snow

Kennedy and Zachary can play in the snow for hours and love every second they are out in the cold. They come in for 30 minutes and are ready to go back out. I love just to sit and watch them playing in the snow. In Kentucky I think of the snow during the summer so that I can make it during the hot, humid days. I love winter and I think everyone in the family loves the snow.

Zach and Uncle Tris

Zachary loves his Uncle Tris(Kris). He loves to help him when he comes over to work on our house. Zach thinks he is a big boy when he helps Kris. It is funny to watch Kris deal with Zach always following him and trying to help him. They have a really cute relationship which is good because Tris stole Tally from Zach.(I love that it is winter and Kennedy has on a tank top, shorts, and flops. Classic Kennedy.)

Grandma and Grandpa

My Grandma thinks that Zach is a horrible child. We went to visit them in Utah the end of November. Zach was sick, and off schedule and the visit was really bad. I was hopeful that when they saw him in February that it would be better. He was better but every time Grandma was around he was terrible. The last day of the visit I put on his I love planes shirt so I could take pictures with his pilot great-grandfather.He screamed and cried and threw a huge fit. I had to laugh as I heard Grandma say again what a horrible child he was and that she felt sorry for me. Zach you will have to work your whole life to get off Grandma's list!!

My 84 year old Grandpa

My grandparents came from Utah for Kally's wedding and stayed for week or two after. They both got really sick with a virus after the wedding. Grandpa can build or fix anything but does not realize that he is old. After staying in bed for two days he thought he was better and came up to my house to work. He decided that Kris and I had lived in a 10x12 tiny bedroom for long enough and started knocking down the wall into our new bedroom addition. It was amazing and scary to watch him work. He could work any younger man into the ground. I knew that he was not well but he didn't want to stop working until the room was drywalled and the old bathroom torn out. I was so thankful for all of the hard work my 84year old Grandpa did for me. I will always have a beautiful bedroom that will remind me of my wonderful grandfather.

After the wedding

After Kally's wedding we came home and all of the adults crashed. I was so tired that I didn't care what the kids were doing. Kolby's family was staying in our partially finished addition and we put a little TV for the kids to watch in the big room. When I woke up from my nap I went to check on Zach and Graydon. When I looked out the door the boys were watching a movie with sodas and lunchables. We had an extra fridge in the big room waiting for the utility room to be finished and the 2 and 3 year old decided they wanted a little snack. It was so cute to see them just hanging out with their movie and snacks.

Kally's Wedding

Kally and Kris were married on February 2, at The Morehead Conference Center. The days before the wedding were stressful for my mother and myself ,but Kally was very relaxed. It must be nice to know that your crazy Mom and older sisters will take care of every detail. I was so worried that my kids would be loud or do something crazy during the wedding but they did a pretty good job. Zach only cried when Kally tried to leave with Kris. All of the grandkids were in the wedding and came in holding a ribbon in a wild cluster. As they got near our table Graydon let out a little choo choo that was so funny. I guess he really thought they were playing train. The wedding was beautiful, but I am so glad that it is over!! We are excited for Kally's Kris to join our family.

Kally's bridal shower

We had a bridal shower for Kally and the weather was horrible. It was snowing over ice and we thought no one would be able to come. She ended up having a big group and lots of fun gifts. It is crazy to think of my baby sister getting married! I hope Kris (Kally's Kris) enjoys all the cute, tiny things Kally received.